Haskell Posts

Update Dec 2017: Dear reader, the posts here were written a long time ago, when I was still a CS undergrad. Circumstances back then dictated that I more or less focus on my studies and internships and stuff like that which make my resume look as good as possible, along with TA'ing an average of 1 undergrad class almost every semester since Year 2 for some extra allowance, leaving me little free time and energy to explore other things, Haskell being one of them.

Since September 2017 or so, I have reignited my efforts to learn Haskell in my free time and while there is a long way to go, I have reached a skill level I once thought impossible to reach (nothing spectacular, really). After climbing this small hill to be able to see what I am seeing now, more than ever, I am seeing why the pros are so passionate about Haskell. It is truly different from any other conventional programming language. As with many other Haskellers, I am still running into a lot of material that I do not understand and want to, so that my skills can reach another new height; that alone is sufficient motivation for me to keep going.

From 2017 onwards, any new Haskell posts will be inside the main list of posts. The posts here will eventually be shifted to the main list of posts as well.

Due to severely limited time and energy, I have not been actively learning and using Haskell for quite some time. In my heart, Haskell is one of my favorite programming languages. Heck, this blog is generated mostly using Hakyll.

As much as I like Haskell, I think it one severe weakness - poor documentation. The situation is getting better, but one more person helping won't hurt.

Below are just some small tips and tricks I've picked up, often the hard way, from use of Haskell. I hope you'll find them helpful.