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A list of talks I’ve found very interesting and thought provoking.

Why Functional Programming Matters

Video: https://youtu.be/Z35Tt87pIpg

Speaker: John Hughes

Description / Thoughts: As per the title - why Functional Programming matters. The language used in the talk is Haskell. Unsurprisingly, functional programming in this talk refers to Haskell or a language inspired / very similar to it, or at least a language which allows for laziness - given how laziness plays an integral part of quite a number of examples the author touches on.

Things start rather academic / toyish, but I think by the 20 minute mark I got sucked into the talk. I saw this widely circulated on my Twitter feed in March 2016 and decided I just had to listen to the talk to determine if it was that good - and it is - probably one of the best 1 hour I’ve ever invested. I’ve seen quite a number of promos on functional programming (in the Haskell sense) but even then, I must admit that I got more and more mind blown as the talk reaches the end - even though I’ve seen some of the examples prior to the talk. If by the end of the talk you’re still not convinced that functional programming matters, then I think you can stop trying to convince yourself that it matters.

And my, is John Hughes a great storyteller - wonderful presentation skills.