First Post

04 Nov 2018, by Pang Yan Han

It’s been a long time since I last blogged, almost 8 months ago (my previous blog post is here and the previous one on my own blog is here). I had a lot of ideas but nothing in particular made me feel like I had to pen it down and publish it. Regardless, a near 8 month long absence from blogging is like an eternity and I feel that I have to get back into the game.

In recent months, the majority of my attention has been occupied by the field of Computer Security. It has been something I have wanted to get into for a while and there were some events which triggered it (which you will find out in time to come). Despite a little bit of prior knowledge, many areas in Computer Security are pretty new to me and in the process of learning, I was pushed beyond my comfort zone and I hope to share some of my experiences here.

Why a separate blog?

I have a technical blog at, where I write on technical topics that interest me. So why not post there instead? There is no right or wrong way to do this, but I find that for blogs with one major area of focus, the posts synergize incredibly well. I have observed the same with technical twitter accounts, websites, etc. The audience comes in knowing what to expect, find other relevant content along the way and more importantly, I believe they are a more hardcore crowd.

Hence, this makes me believe that it is worth a shot to launch a new blog that is solely dedicated to covering topics in Computer Security.

What to expect?

While I am not able to give an answer for the long run, I can highlight what is on the horizon. Recently I have been playing around with some VulnHub VMs and I will be writing some walkthroughs on those that I have compromised. In fact, I am kicking things off with a post that shows you how to setup VulnHub VMs using Virtualbox, link right below:

How to setup VulnHub VMs using Virtualbox

Want to setup a VulnHub VM but have no idea how to? I will show you how.

Click here to read the post to find out more.

That’s it. And that marks the birth of my netsec blog.