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20 Feb 2018

Vim abbreviations for a specific file

How to have vim abbreviations that apply to a specific file
20 Feb 2018

How to disable Control Q on Firefox 57

NOTE: This applies to Firefox 57 on Linux. Open a new tab and type about:config in the address bar and press enter You...
11 Feb 2018

My notes / cheatsheet on the top program

Over the last week, I have been spending some of my free time learning how to use the top program. These are some notes ...
09 Dec 2017

Haskell deep dive: zsh-git-prompt

In How To Become A Hacker, Eric S. Raymond gives the following golden advice: Learning to program is like learning to w...
09 Dec 2017

How to install zsh-git-prompt

This post shows you how to install zsh-git-prompt, a program which customizes the zsh prompt by displaying additional in...
26 Nov 2017

Using Swagger UI with any codebase

This post shows you how to use Swagger UI with any codebase. There are no library dependencies once you extract the asse...
27 Sep 2017

How to use GPG to encrypt stuff

You want to exchange a message / file securely with another party and do not want anyone else to look at the information...
11 Aug 2017

The best way to install python on Mac OS X

NOTE: This post is pretty much opinion based on my own experience. Also take note of the date it was written because thi...
10 Aug 2017

Haskell: demystifying composing compose with compose

Problem Statement Figure out the type of the following Haskell code, why it has that type, and what it does: (.) . (.) S...
02 Jul 2017

haskell-vim-now / ghcmod-vim: Resolving 'ghcmod#command#type Cannot guess type' errors

NOTE: This post features a very hacky way to work around things which will likely never be merged into the ghcmod-vim pr...